Combined Skiving -Burnishing Tools skive and burnish the internal surface of the cylinders in one pass. These tools provide low cost working and enviroment friendly. Tools are developed for proccessing the internal surface of the tubes in a little while. 

Combined Skiving-Burnishing Tools are designed for the aim of burnishing after skiving process of seamless  and welded cold drawn precision tubes (contain welded and drawn DOM Tubes, seamless cold drawn DIN EN 10305-1 Tubes or hot drawn steel tubes).

While skiving head skive the internal surface of the cylinder in exact size and in desired way, roller head which follow the operation from behind burnish the tube. The skiving and burnishing operation which occur at the same time provide very short process time. While providing precision measurement and low surface roughness, this process increase surface hardness too. Thus, cylinders which have more slippery  and more strength surfaces according to honed cylinder , can be obtained.

Skiving-Burnishing Tools can use on Tube Skiving-Burnishing Machine or Special Deep Drilling Machine, which has BTA System.

Automatic Knife Closing System

There is avaliable an automatic knife on off system on the tools. This system automatically discharge by pulling back the skiving knife and roller head  after finish the process. So the tool withdraw without giving any damage to the machined surface. Thus, do not need to assemble and disassemble after every cylinder process. This, beside of extra time saving it provides otomation and process convenience.


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